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song memes

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like
2. Turn on your music player and put it on shuffle
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over.
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

super junior, infinite, f(x), u-kiss, su!fbb
sunggyu/hoya, hyunsoo/jihyuk, woohyun/sunggyu, jihyuk/byunghee, kyuhyun/donghae, kiseop/kevin, yesung/ryeowook, donghae/sungmin, myungsoo/sungyeol, henry/amber

titanium | david guetta ft. sia
infinite ; hoya/sunggyu, hoya/sungjong ; pg-15 ; angst ; 162w

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away

Trust is so overrated, Sunggyu thinks, as he watched Hoya’s fingers curl around Sungjong’s waist and whisper something to the boy’s ear that made him laugh. He watches as Sungjong leans subtly on Hoya’s side, giggling like a love struck school girl.

Sunggyu’s hands fisted in his pockets, but his face remained passive and completely blank. The pain that gnaws at the edges of his heart has long since dulled, after seeing Hoya being so touchy-feely with so many people other that him behind his back, and Sunggyu learns to numb his feelings and block out the buzzing in his ears.

When Hoya comes back to him that night smelling of lemon candies and something like chocolate milk, Sunggyu greets him with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. When Hoya asks him what’s wrong and doesn’t get any answer, Sunggyu lets him fuck him to the couch in anger and frustration, and it’s okay, he has nothing more to lose anyway.

so close | jon mclaughlin
su!fbb ; jihyuk/hyunsoo ; g ; angst ; 216w

A life goes by, romantic dreams must die
So I bid mine goodbye

Come here, we need you, Hyunsoo types to his phone, and without thinking anymore, presses the send button. He sighs, running a hand through messy hair. His soccer team is losing, and he’s absolutely exhausted without Jihyuk to pass the ball to. Hyunsoo without Jihyuk is like a shoe without shoelaces, or a room without windows. Hyunsoo laughs to himself at the analogies and turns around towards the street, expecting to find Jihyuk running into the field and shouting apologies to him with that bright grin of his.

But instead his phone buzzes signaling incoming message, and with a frown he reaches into his pocket and fishes it out. He opens it, and his face hardens as he reads the short sentence from Jihyuk.

Can’t. Byunghee wants help with a new song.

Hyunsoo stuffs his phone back into his pocket and grinds his teeth just as the whistle is blown, signaling end of time out. His friends ask him where Jihyuk is, but Hyunsoo shakes his head and shrugs, and returns to the field with fierce determination in his eyes.

They won the game, thanks to Hyunsoo. But that evening he returns home to the sound of Jihyuk’s laughter and Byunghee’s maniacal one issuing from Jihyuk’s house next door, and Hyunsoo feels more exhausted than ever.

because | sunggyu
infinite ; woohyun/sunggyu ; pg ; angst ; 284w
notes: I squeed so hard when this song came up. But what I wrote was shitty. Meh.

My endlessly shaking eyes, lips, and heart
Traces of you that I wanted to erase

There are times when Woohyun wonders if this is really working out. He’s in love with Sunggyu, it’s true, loves him so much with his all but he hates this. He hates fighting with and shouting at him more often than not, knowing that he’s the cause of Sunggyu’s tears for reasons he doesn’t even know.

They hadn’t always been like this. They used to be the perfect couple, but everything just fell apart. He didn’t know when it began or what caused it. Most of the time the shouting matches started with trivial things, why Woohyun always came home late from work or why he’s always tired (why Sunggyu didn’t look at him like he used to, with eyes that are so full of love and affection or why Sunggyu decided to move back to his parent’s house).

Does Sunggyu not love him anymore?

Woohyun’s chest tightens as he feels stubborn tears prick at his eyes. he grinds his teeth n anger and frustration, gripping the steering wheel in his fist until his knuckles turn white and numb. God, he’s a man! He should gather his balls and ask Sunggyu himself, but he’s afraid. He’s scared of what Sunggyu might say and what will happen afterwards.

What will happen afterwards?

The crackly radio is the only thing breaking the silence of the car, playing this stupid, heartbreaking rock song about lingering memories and please don’t stay in my heart once you’re gones.

Woohyun brutally punches the radio off, and the silence hits him so hard like the world is crashing down on him and at the same time reminds him of warm laughter and pretty eye smiles and a hundred million what ifs.

sweet disposition | the temper trap
su!fbb ; jihyuk/byunghee ; g ; friendship, gen ; 222w
notes: I actually had time to reread this one so it’s somewhat… decent.

Oh reckless abandon
When no one’s watching you

“There’s this myth,” Kyungjong begins slowly, picking his way through the tall grass. “That if a red dragonfly flies around two people, it means they’re gong to be together forever.”

Byunghee turns his head towards him, his already wide eyes widening even more, before collapsing to the grass in hysterical laughter. Kyungjong, offended, pouted and kicked his shins.

“Aish, this kid, believing in myths,” he said when he finally calmed down, rubbing tears from his eyes and ruffling the boy’s hair affectionately.

Kyungjong swatted his hand away and poked out his tongue, making Byunghee chuckled again. “Then a red dragonfly will fly around us, hm?”

The shorter boy shrugged, but Byunghee hadn’t noticed. His eyes lit up as he caught sight of a tall figure with messy hair slouching ahead of them.

“Jihyuk!” he cawed gleefully, bounding forward and leaving Kyungjong to walk by himself. Kyungjong watched with a slight smile as Byunghee pounced on the unsuspecting Jihyuk, sending both of them tumbling to the ground. Byunghee’s crazy laughter mixed with Jihyuk’s deep, warm one as they threw playful punches at each other.

A buzzing sound to Kyungjong’s left ear made him jump in surprise, and he turned his head just in time to see a dragonfly with crimson body and wings fly off towards the two friends playing in the grass.

go | nell
super junior ; kyuhyun/donghae ; pg ; angst ; 190w
notes: You would not believe how pissed I was getting the most emo song for kyuhae (I was happily expecting a jolly Owl City for this one). But I chose the order of the pairings before I started writing so I had no choice, thus this one being very really shitty and kinda unfinished ;;

On your mark, get set, and go
Just go

Donghae wakes up to an empty apartment one day. No note, no warning, no big fight before it, no goodbye. Just the scent of Kyuhyun’s shampoo still lingering in the house and the quietness that wasn’t there before.

He’s always known this day will come someday, the day when Kyuhyun would just up and leave. But when it did come though, he’s not sure what to feel. Sad? Angry? Relieved? It’s just like his chest is numb, void of any emotions. It scares him a little.

Kyuhyun’s taken a couple of photographs with him, there’s only one couple mug left in the cabinet, and only half of Donghae’s heart left. He wanders around the apartment in a trance, not sure what to do. What to think.

A quiet buzzing fills his ears, half-forgotten conversations and late night escapades whizzing through his mind. A part of him wants Kyuhyun back, but another part of him knows it’s better this way. Time will eventually fill the empty space in his chest cavity anyway, where Kyuhyun had cleanly scooped out a large part of his heart.

Nothing lasts forever, that much is certain.

angel | exo-m
u-kiss ; kiseop/kevin ; pg ; fluff ; 170w
notes: I panicked when this song came up because I had no idea what it meant so I kinda improvised lol

My wings have been taken away
Even though I lost my everlasting life, the reason to my happiness
You are my eternity

As he’s watching Kevin sleep, Kiseop runs his fingers across the younger’s hair, letting the light brown strands slip through his hands like the softest silk. A smile graces his face as his fingers wandered lower, to the nape of his neck, pointer and middle finger dancing across warm skin.

Kevin shifts in his sleep, and Kiseop pulls his fingers back guiltily when the other’s eyes flutters open, gaze sleepy and disoriented.

Go back to sleep, Kevin, he whispers when Kevin looks at him questioningly. He opens his mouth to ask more questions but Kiseop quickly leans down and sealed his lips with a kiss. Kevin hums contentedly and buries himself back to the pillows obediently when they parted. Kiseop laughs a little and resumes his wanderings with his hands.

What are you doing? Kevin asks when he feels Kiseop’s fingers trace patterns on his back. Kiseop presses a kiss to the skin between his shoulder blades and Kevin can feel the smile on his lips.

Drawing wings, he says.

northern lights | cider sky
super junior ; yesung/ryeowook ; g ; fluff ; 147w

Fingertips, northern lights, tracing colors right through the sky
Underneath a lullaby I never felt as blissful as I do here

Hyung, Ryeowook breathes next to him, voice filled with wonder. Hyung, look, what is that?

Jongwoon cracks his eyes open and see Ryeowook staring up at the sky, mouth open. There are colors reflected in his eyes, and confused, Jongwoon turned his head as well.

Above them bright ribbons of light danced in the violet sky. Purples and blues and fifty different kinds of green are swirling and twirling amongst the stars, like iridescent snakes in the night sky. Jongwoon racks his brain for the name of the phenomena, tries to remember back to the Astronomy classes during High School.

“Aurora borealis,” he shouts out when he remembers. Beside him Ryeowook’s eyes lights up like it’s a galaxy, hands gripping his tightly as they lay together in the grass.

Northern lights, Ryeowook sighs, and the colors brightens his pale face, and Jongwoon’s heart stutters in his chest.

life in technicolor ii | coldplay
super junior ; donghae/sungmin ; g ; fluff ; 198w

Oh love, don’t let me go
Won’t you take me where streetlights glow?

Running away from practice had seemed a good idea at first. But now, caught in the rain and forced to hide under a children’s playground, Sungmin wished he hadn’t left. It’s freezing cold and he’s hungry (the members are probably eating dinner by now), and his legs ache from crouching down too long. Opposite him, Donghae hung his head, wet hair plastered to his forehead and shivering. Maybe now’s not a good time to get mad at him, he thinks as he stares at his companion’s pitiful condition. Sungmin had grabbed a hoodie before he ran, but Donghae only wore a thin v-neck shirt and shorts from practice.

“Hyung, I’m sorry,” he suddenly croaked, and sneezed violently. Sungmin made a face but he scooted closer, so they could share body warmth together. “I shouldn’t have made you come with me, I’m sorry –“

“It’s okay, Donghae-yah,” Sungmin said and snuggled closer to Donghae. But Donghae’s still giving him that kicked puppy look, so Sungmin threw caution to the winds and kissed him.

Donghae’s lips are soft and his breath is warm, cheeks flushed a pretty pink but that bright, cheerful grin is back, so Sungmin kissed him again.

destiny | super junior m
infinite ; myungsoo/sungyeol ; g ; romance, drama ; 230w
notes: I will be writing an extended version of this one… when I’m not lazy OTL

Happiness is held in the spaces between interlocked fingers
Through eye contact, there is no need for words

“After all this time?” Sungyeol said with a choked voice, fists trembling by his sides. “Even after all this time, you’re still waiting for me?”

Myungsoo smiled, and the smile is so full of affection and love that Sungyeol had turned a blind eye to all these years. He smiled like the pain Sungyeol knew he had inflicted on him doesn’t mean a thing. Sungyeol’s heart crumbled at the thought of all the internal wounds he had made Myungsoo feel.

“I’ll always wait for you, Sungyeol.”

A tear slipped down his cheek and Sungyeol brushed it away roughly, still angry at himself. Myungsoo’s figure is blurred by his own tears, but he can tell he’s coming closer, so Sungyeol closed his eyes and waited. A moment later there are lips on his, soft and warm and hands holding his, fumbling with his fingers.

After a while Myungsoo pulled away with a small laugh, eyes crinkling to pretty half-moons. “Look,” he said, and pulled his right hand up. Sungyeol felt his own hand being tugged up as well, and saw with surprise, a red string tied around his little finger and connected to Myungsoo’s. Myungsoo’s laughing openly now, but there are tears in his eyes as well.

In that moment Myungsoo kicked down all the walls around Sungyeol’s heart, the emotions so overwhelming and powerful Sungyeol momentarily forgets how to breathe.

the reason | shinee
sj/f(x) ; henry/amber ; g ; gen, romance ; 195w

The dark memories that still remain in me
Are slowly soaking up by the light resembling you

A smile creeps it’s way up to Henry’s face as he caught sight of Amber. There’s always a smile on his lips whenever she’s around. It’s kind of idiotic really, he thinks, as his grin grew wider and more lopsided as she jogged over with a matching smile on her own face. He opens his arms and she threw herself at him, knocking out all the wind in his chest but it’s okay, when she’s clinging to him like that.

He can still hear the angry chants and protests in his head but then Amber kisses him, deeply and so hard until he stumbles and his back hits the wall, and the chants disappear from his mind.

“Why are you looking so whipped?” Amber laughs, and she’s so beautiful, Henry thinks. She’d always been beautiful.

“I am. For you,” he answers cheekily, making Amber blush uncharacteristically and hit her fists to his chest. He laughs and kisses her again, this time pinning her to the wall and continued to make out. They only parted when each other’s managers’ screeched at them to get into their changing rooms, both with bright, wide grins on their faces.
Tags: !fanfiction, f: f(x), f: infinite, f: su!fbb, f: super junior, f: u-kiss, l: drabble, p: donghae/sungmin, p: henry/amber, p: hoya/sunggyu, p: jihyuk/byunghee, p: jihyuk/hyunsoo, p: kiseop/kevin, p: kyuhyun/donghae, p: myungsoo/sungyeol, p: woohyun/sunggyu

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