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from now on, fics by me will be posted at my new fic comm,
it's a shared comm with nicole because we figured out we'll probably write more together in the future so ha.....ha.....ha.....
plus we both wanted to start over, and to be honest there are things in this comm that i am not proud of at all
even though some people like it, i still hate it lol uh
you are your biggest critic etc etc

the fics here will not be deleted, nothing will be locked
the general rules still apply, no copying/plagiarizing, or translating at all
but nothing more will be posted here ;;

i know it hasn't even been two years, and i never would have guessed i'd get over 200 watchers in this comm ;; i'd like to sincerely thank you all who have been following my long and tear-filled journey of fanfiction writing, you are all precious to me, thank you thank you thank you
i can never thank you all enough for actually going through the trouble of reading my writing and maybe even liking it ;;

so please, also show jukstaposition lots of love!!! ♥♥♥

with this, i bow out from incarna_tion :D

once again, thank you all ♥

Tags: !announcement, !not fic
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